Latest release from the Academic Committee, OAU Students Union


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The Academic Committee under the Chairmanship of the Vice President as provided under the Sacrosanct Constitution of the Union under Section 50 after receiving some complaints as regards Late Registration, Non – Mobilization of students for NYSC and most importantly on the Indelible scholarship scheme aimed at helping our students moved quickly into action.

The Committee via the Vice President, Oprah and the acting members of the committee met with the Director, Academic Affairs at the Senate Building and got positive responses.

The Director Academic Affairs threw his weight behind the scholarship but insisted that the Union should ensure to have a comprehensive list of Students whom they claim to be indigent and are bent on paying for, so that the eportal can be opened to enable them register when the Union has effected the payment. Also the Committee reached the DSA to carry them along with the activities as regards the scholarship scheme.

ON NYSC MOBILIZATION. The Director Academic Affairs stated that Mobilization of Students cannot be effected as results are not yet ready and there cannot be mobilization without the Senate sitting on the result. He told the academic committee that the he Senate is to sit on 31st of September and the NYSC portal is to be opened by 4th of September, we therefore cannot meet such date. Note: These students are not yet graduate because they have no results. However, we are mobilizing some because their results are ready. We are mobilizing Health Sciences and Pharmacy.

The Committee used its good office to speak on behalf of students having difficulties with registering and those that have issues as regards late registration. We got positive response as he consented to opening the eportal for few days.

ON POST UTME Cutoff mark.
The Academic committee decided to make confirmations as regards the cut off mark that are on circulation and the Director laughed saying where did they get their cutoff mark that he also was surprised when he recieved calls that some cutoff marks are in circulation. He however assured us that the cut off marks will be out very soon and made available to the Students Union via the Academic Committee.

Opeyemi Oladunjoye(Oprah)
VP and Chairman Academic Committee OAU SU

Damilola Toblan SPICE
Acting Secretary,
Academic Committee,OAU SU.

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