On the increment in payments of the Nigerian youth corps


In recent news getting to the house, the director general of the NYSC, Brigadier General Nnamdi Okore Affia had recently denied any form of increment in the allowances of the corp members

 “to be honest with you there is no

plan to increase your monthly allowance; all

you have heard is nothing but pure


“If there is such plan I must be the first

person to know but as far as I am

concerned there is no official plan to

increase your allowance; even if the plan is

on the pipeline, it has not reach my level.

Your monthly allowance is still remain


In other news format reaching the house:


The NYSC wishes to clarify the general public on issues of rumour connected to increment of corp members allowances. It should be noted that:

1. NYSC is indeed aware of the initial proposed bill submitted for the increment of corp members allowances but up till now, no formal information regarding the approval has been received by the NYSC.

2. The NYSC is not a political agency and so, any source of increment from a political stand point remains only a political strategy and is completely and totally ignored by the commission until due process proceedings are initiated.

3. Rumours linking the national head count conducted between the 22nd and 23rd of August, 2015 to the increment of corp members allowances have also been received by the commission. On regard to this, it is to the best interest of all involved to know that such connection is non-existent. The reason behind the national head count remains CONFIDENTIAL to the NYSC and may be disclosed if deemed necessary to and at proper time.

The NYSC hereby affirms that as at today, all rumours concerning the increment of corp members allowances remains FALSIFIED

Office Of Sec. to commission.


OAU Connect Media


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