Central Executive Council, OAU Students Union denies 1.8 million naira budget

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In recent release from the Central Executive Council, OAU Student’s Union,

As a union, we will not object to constructive
criticism, it keeps us on our feet and helps us
serve the best. We however will not appreciate
libel and slanders that are not only discouraging
but also put the image of our union in disrepute.
We want to re-affirm our commitment to run a
transparent administration devoid of any financial
misdemeanor. We will like to make the following
• The constitution gives no officer even the
president the prerogative to decide what will be in
other union officer’s budget.
• The president/ or any officer of the union will
therefore not take responsibility for any
outrageous budget written by another union
officer either in the CEC, HEC, leadership of the
parliament, leadership of the judicial council and
leadership of committees.
• The president for instance PROPOSED 600/day
over 180 days (108,000 naira) for phone call
which is still subjected to deliberation and
ratification at the parliament.
It is also necessary to give a clarification on the
organogram of the union in which following union
officers all write their proposed budget.
also writes the budget of the security
committee) , Vice president, Secretary general,
Public Relation Officer, Director of social and
culture, Welfare Director, Financial Secretary,
Director of Sport and Assistant Secretary General
making a total of 9 executive.
Secretary, Financial Secretary, Director of Sport
and Director of social. This is the case for all the
8 halls of residence. Thereby constituting 40
members in the HEC
(PARLIAMENT) The union has 150
parliamentarians but only the Speaker, Deputy
Speaker and the Clerk are entitled to have a
THE JUDICIAL COUNCIL: Consisting of 13 justices
but the Lord Chancellor and Register are entitled
to have a budget.
It must also be noted that we have committees
setup in the parliament whose Chairperson and
Secretaries also have in their respective budget
proposed cost for making calls. These include:
The Budget and Finance Committee
The Transport Commission
The Select committee
It is important to state that although all this
above mentioned offices served in an
administration, the president or any other officer
of the union does not have the constitutional
right to decide the content or alter any proposed
amount in any other person’s budget. After
presenting to the B&F, all budgets will be sat on
to be ratified by the parliament.
The proposed 1.8milloin naira for phone call is
the accumulated proposed phone call budget of
all the above mentioned union officer and I have
taken my time to hint into the proposed phone
call of some union officers.
As conscious Great Ife students, we hereby
implore Great Ife students to take up and
challenge INDIVIDUALLY any union with a
perceived outrageous budget.

Akande Omotayo

Oketooto Oluwaseun
Secretary General


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