Tears Of African Most Beautiful Campus

The Tears Of Africa’s Most
Beautiful Campus By Damilola
Toblan Spice 20150925_232343

I could not hold my tears seeing africa’s most
beautiful campus writhe in Blackout… crying
bitterly, I was touched, I ran to her with anxiety
and I asked her, “Wondered why we are suffering
yet smiling?”

I have never seen a prettier campus, so beautiful
despite her age. She looked like a damsel, so
beautiful, an epitome of beauty, a pride to other
african campuses, the desire of every student,
colourful and wonderfully made!
Million questions came to my mind. Why is this
beauty campus in Oppression? Why is this black
Model crawling now? I asked her majesty gently,

I could not hold my tears when she replied me
with soft and angelic voice:
“My son, as you can see, I am a campus of
52years old. I am the best, famous campus in
Nigeria. I am so blessed, and I have a lot of
structures. I have become the envy of every
campuses. Even the most societal, strong and
powerful African campuses pray to be like me.
“I have given birth to over 5 million princes and
princesses who are shakers and movers all of the
economy. But what a pity! Many of these princes
and princesses scattered all over the world never
look back at their “alma Mata” as if I am nobody.
Those at home who are supposed to walk
majestically round my palace and enjoy all my
riches are in fright of the Unknown!

“Where are my pride, honour, dignity, strength,
glory and royalty, when most of my children are
suffering despite all I have? Other campuses who
used to fear me, appreciate my beauty, tremble
because of my wisdom, who saw me then as
example now mock me! Even those that use to
run to me then for help and assistance, they all
see me now as nothing, and none of them accord
me my respect again! So why won’t I cry?” I have
been silenced by those I give Chicken wen my
greatness was enormous.

Tears were rushing down from my face I feel for
this caring campus as she continued her story:
“Most painful is that my children don’t see each
other as siblings again! The foreign and imported
ideologies have tore them apart, Unionism made
them separate themselves, and politics put a
sword between them.

“What a pity! Many of my beautiful damsels have
turned to night hawkers and the Guys are not
slumbering on Moz 101!

I was so sad, in my sober mood I asked her, “Ma,
with all your Glories, why are your children still
suffering like this?”

She replied, “Due to selfishness of few, due to
some wicked persons amongst them who are in
charge of these resources! They wine and dine all
day while students are home-less due to hostel
palava and languish in darkness! They are getting
richer and wealthier daily forgetting that their
good deeds will surpass their age on Earth!”
I tried to comfort this beautiful Campus, but the
more efforts I offered, the more she cried. What a
Campus! The pride of Campushood!

She concluded, “I won’t stop crying until my
children are happy, until I see the end of their
suffering, until I see smiles on their beautiful
faces! Until OAU 9 is reinstated! I have liberators,
giants, saviours, freedom fighters and the Moses
(Ibikunle) who will lead my children back to my
golden throne!I believe”

This is a clarion call to all of us! Together we can
redeem the fading glory. Together we can build
this nation. Lefties and Righties, let’s build this
campus together! Both good and bad people
could be found in every setting. Let’s join hands
together and build a campus where justice and
peace reign!

Long live Great Ife Union!!!
Long Live OAU vigilant!!
Long Live OAU!!!


The writer of the piece, Damilola Toblan
Dspice is a student of the Faculty of Law,
Obafemi Awolowo University. You can reach
Dspice through his e-mail:


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