Bukola Saraki’s travail: Presently now in the Nigerian senate house of assembly

Following the recent charges pressed against Senator Bukola Saraki, the Senate president of the Nigerian senate house of assembly, the PDP senators have reportedly taken this opportunity to take control and dominate the house as news has been gathered of their recent conniving meetings.

Their confidence and assurance of taking over the house if eventually Saraki is removed is more or less alliance, while the APC senators are divided on their choices, the PDP senators are ready to wield their discretion in alliance, the Senate has 109 seats, with one of the seats vacant as a result of death. The remaining 108 seats are made up of 59 APC senators and 49 PDP senators and would only need 11
more Senators to fulfil the constitutional stipulation of one third votes to produce the Senate President.
The PDP senators also pointed out in justification that they could have taken over the house ago during the inauguration but decided to be democratic and mature but there is need however now to “save” the house from the hands of some APC leaders.


One thought on “Bukola Saraki’s travail: Presently now in the Nigerian senate house of assembly

  1. This is a wonderful innovation.weldone guys for this platform to enable great ife students to read and get themselves updated on happenings in Nigeria and beyond.i love you.And on Saraki’s case,APC shud make hay while the sun shines.He who prays for another man’s downfall will surely fall for another man to rise.The end justifies.


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