OAU Students union welfare committee begins welfare battle while continuation of hostels fumigation

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The welfare committee of the OAU Students Union had begun fight or what would rather be described as action taking against welfare related entities who are erring in their services in relation to student’s principles or requirements which involve traders on campus mostly. It should be recalled Forks and Fingers, a very popular restaurant was recently on verge of shutdown as reported by the OAU Connect Media.
To the report from Damilola Toblan Spice of oauolofofo:

OAU SU begins Massive Welfare “Abracaadabra”

By Damilola Toblan Spice

The Students’ Union Obafemi Awolowo University through the welfare Committee of the Union has began a “BETTER OAU” campaign significantly aimed at making OAU campus a better place.

The Welfare Committee through the Chairman, Secre Nene and its Secretary, Osueke had drawn attention of the public through a release dated 15/10/2015 to the hygienic sham and exploitative disposition in some butteries. The committee said they shut down a buttery for selling spoilt bread to a student and consequently seized all the spoilt bread.

@Oau_Olofofo was on ground to witness confistication and destruction of the seized spoilt bread and spoke with the Chairman, Secre nene who informed us that they have gotten across to suppliers of the bread.

“I assure students that the committee has began a total clamp down on welfare providers that fall below standards in terms of hygiene and also those exploitative in the sale.”, he stated.
Spoilt bread

The Secretary, Osueke however called students to join hands with the committee by ensuring they direct their complains to the welfare committee once they notice any form of exploitation or non hygienic practices.
Spoilt bread1
“We recently shut down Forks and Fingers for selling 35cl coke and 50cl Table water at exploitative rate. Why is this business Tycoon using themselves as exploitative cane lashing the student purse?.”Osueke stated.

The exploitative rate on oau campus is becoming so alarming and the union has been doing all its best to ensure that the students are not exploited by any of the welfare service providers. Price regulations amongst others are regularly done from hostel to hostels. However the quantity of food served at the canteens are appalling.

Meanwhile @Oau_Olofofo also gathered that massive fumigation has began on campus to eradicate bed bug plague and likewise make our hostels conducive for learning and culture.

Damilola Toblan Spice reports from Campus. Have a lovely weekend.


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