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  • Yemi Osibajo speaks at the Nigerian Economic Summit

The Vice President Of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osibajo had recently addressed some economic issues in the country among other things in a dialogue at the Nigerian Economic Summit. Vice President Yemi Osibajo while reviewing the economic situation of the country states that despite other places the national resources are directed in effort to enhance the economy, there is still inevitable need to direct a substantial amount of these resources to the military in combating insurgency also which is consuming, then subsequently posits that the government thinks that there’s been a large success in this area.


Still on Vice President Yemi Osibajo, rearly like other vice Presidents continues during the economic dialogue to address a question he firstly reminded the questioners not to be an economic question or dialogue. When asked of his view on the judgements and orders of the court protecting an individual from investigation, he explains “many of them are wrong” (the judgements) which wins him ovation from down the gallery and perhaps all over the country. He however pointed out subsequently that there is still the constitution which enforces the court’s order to be a must obeyed; but that steps can be taken to verify the veracity of the court’s order whether the judgement made was right or wrong, then if wrong, there should be consequences. “But this is going to take a while”.

  • CCT adjourns Saraki’s case to November 5 and 6 (Alleged False declaration of assets)
  • Mahmud Yakubu becomes new Inec Chairman

  • Communters lament poor state of road – Enugu—Portharcourt highway

3 storey-building collapses at Adeniji, Lagos Island – 5 rescued, no report of lost live to knowledge

On the foreign scene

Biden, US vice President will not run as president in the next US elections – some praises and encourages his decision

Canada to withdraw from Anti-Isis situation

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