OAU SU vs Professor: Englishh Association Resolutions after occurrence of event


  • EGL 206 class was holding at ODLT II at about 12:25pm on Tuesday, 17th of November 2015 when OAU SU PRO, Emmanuel Kant, came to make an announcement
  • The lecturer, Prof. Y.K Yusuf, refused to grant him permission to make the announcement
  • The PRO insisted on making the announcement but the lecturer still declined and other students intervened
  • After agreeing to make the announcement after the class, the Secretary General of OAU SU suddenly bulged into the class around 12.55pm, disrupting the peaceful class
  • The lecturer was forced to walk out of the class and subsequently traced to his office by SU officials
  • The SU came to the Department of English protesting that Prof. Yusuf should tender an open apology letter before 24 hours for refusing them to make the announcement
  • A meeting was later held between the SU executives and the Dean of Faculty of Arts, ASUU-OAU Chairman, OAU Alumni Chairman, Head of OAU Security Team and Head, Department of English
  • In the meeting, the OAU SU President threatened that the security of the Prof. cannot be guaranteed if he does not write the apology letter‎
  • After the meeting, students of English Department denied the SU President the opportunity to address them.

    ++Here is the resolution of the emergency congress held on the 17th November, 2015 at Auditorium II at 5:00pm:‎

  • That Prof. Y.K Yusuf should not write any letter of apology to the Students’ Union

  • That an open letter be written requesting the Students’ Union to apologize for ‘constituting nuisance’ at the Department of English
  • That a petition be forwarded to the University’s Security Unit over the threat made on the security of Prof. Y.K Yusuf‎

  • That an ultimatum of 48-hour be given to the SU to tender the apology letter for breaching the motto of OAU – ‘Learning and Culture’‎


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