Fast News Now: OAU prof. advices ministry, some French call some Africans dumb and more…

On Fast News Now today


  • OAU Professor advices Nigerian ministry of education

A lecturer at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Professor Sat Obiyan, has urged the Minister of Education to setup a committee that will help determine the suitability of the present basic school curriculum Obiyan, who is the Head of political department, said there were serious problems in the primary and secondary school education. He noted that the curriculum and number of subjects at the secondary school level were chaotic. He said the course content,subjects and the curriculum at the secondary schools were not suitable for students. He then advised that efforts should be made to ensure that basic education was restructured and simplified during their tenure. “Education is not only about tertiary education, it is all encompassing; we need to focus on the foundation, which has been neglected.“We want the new minister to look at the issue of course content, subjects and curriculum at the secondary school level.“There is a need to setup a proper committee to determine the suitability of the present curriculum and what should be done to correct it,’’ he said.
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  • Paris attacks: what some french says about Africans (photo)

French insults

  • National Association Of Nigerian Campus Editors unveiled and promising
  • The big deal: OAU Carnival
    God no go leave us

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