Kogi Elections

An earlier review project by Peter Akindele as final phase of Connect Media screening

Submitted 20 November 2015

Tomorrow 21th November 2015 will be another epoch making historical day in kogi state as the people of kogi will decide who will stir the affairs of the state for another four Democratic years. Kogian will perform there Democratic and fundamental human right to decide there preferred government whether it is continuity or change.
According to 2015 national population commission and independent national electoral commission statistics, respectively, Kogi state has a population of about 3,314,043 people and the number of the registered voters is, 1,215,405. The race for the governorship post in Kogi is among twenty two (22) political party which also denote that twenty two aspirants are competing for the governorship post , but the big gun parties are people Democratic party (PDP) and all progressive Congress (APC).
PDP is the ruling party in Kogi state while APC is the leading opposition party in the state. Both party have campaigned assiduously and relentlessly throughout the length and breath of the state, and they have unveiled there manifestos to the people of Kogi. Although, there electioneering campaign didn’t neglect the so called stomach infrastructure.
Captain Idris wada, who is the incumbent governor of the state, his the candidate that will represent PDP in this election, he his from Kogi west senatorial district dekina local government to be precise, 65 years by age,before he joined politics he is a pilot by profession, he defeated Audu Abubakar ( who is also his major opponent in this year election) in 2011 to become the third civilian governor in the state.
On the other hand, APC present a 68 years old affable man who is an erstwhile governor of the state as the party candidate, he his from Ofu local government of the state, Audu political pedigree is quite eventful because during is time as the governor of the state, the state experience some indelible change, he was the governor of the state under the defunct ANPP, before the party merged to APC in other to augment there national political horizon.
Captain Idris wada have some influences and edge over Audu, because he have the incumbency power to manipulate or manoeuvres the election and also the controversial assertion made by the APC candidate give Wada some relief, I can recall vividly that the APC candidate said ” I will return all the kogi people money ( over11 billions naira )and property that I have stolen: if you reelect me”, and this statement has caused an affront to his political integrity and some political analyst and economic expert has totally condemned APC for presenting a candidate like Audu and this statement may cost him to loss some intellectual people of kogi votes. Although, the lately mass defection from PDP to APC and the ‘Abuja power’ control by APC, Audu political nd social famousness and the inestimable project that Audu did when he was governor,one can’t categorically presume the outcome of the election.
Lest, I forget, this election will be the first election to be conducted by the newly appointed inec chairman Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, and to examine the new inec chairman political sagacity, capability and integrity this election will be one of the bench mark or yardstick to recourse to.
Conclusively, Nigerian optimistically hope that this election will outweigh the previous elections in this country, and the rule of democracy will be fully implemented. Because, free, fair and credible election is the indispensable tool for the sustainability of democracy in Nigeria.

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