OAU SU vs Professor: Advice to the SU from the Nasels clerk

Clerk of the NASELS parliament also gives his advise

Advise To OAU Students’ Union Leaders
When silence is no longer golden , voicing is inevitable.

In the words of Africa , I coat
” Our Union should not be left in the hand of Political sycophants and intellectual vegetables.”

I will advise the union to stop dishing out propaganda on the personality of the Nasels President.
If there is anything students of English can take, they will never have their leaders being insulted.
If the union thinks they can praise the Generality of the students of English and single out the President of Nasels.
Students of English will always obey and solidarize with their leaders.
In life, you don’t achieve anything by muddling things up, you achieve things by being tactical and apply wisdom to in doing things.
We should also know that no matter how we jump if our take off is faulty , we can’t jump.

The President of the Union insulted Nasels president by referring to him as an average student, I don’t know were Nasels president shared his portal’s password with the him to have known his GP.
We took no offence at that.
But you can’t insult Nasels president and still want the students to listen to what you have to say, respect is reciprocal sir.
I am this saying this again, the union would have won the battle but were not tactical in their in approach towards the issue.
The students were at the side of the union not until the Union came to the department Of English to constitute nuisance.
You can imagine a Professor old enough to be Hon. Seun’s father in person of Professor Bidemi Okanlawon of the department was threatened by Hon. Seun that he might not be allowed to pass the corridor again and later trying to retract his words jocularly.
A professor who had nurtured so many professors on campus.
I never blamed him !!!
when you cannot curb your pectoral emotions it supersedes your decision.
It is true that the incumbent PRO of the union of was pushed by the lecturer but that was when he refused to to leave the lecture room still wanting to pass his information
Come to think of it, you are not aware of what this man had been passing through before coming to class, if the students of English there present had not intervened at that point in time, what who have happened?
It is crestfallen and highly dishearten.
No wonder we continue loosing our struggle on the basis of Uncoordinated Fight against oppression.
The union should have initiated a dialogue with Head of Department , The school management or the Congress of Great Ife Students to register their grievances before taking such drastic step.
If the Union wants the department of English to solidarize with them in any struggle, they should accord Nasels president as it is due as it will not be commonsensical if the present leaders of the Union succeeds in creating a scene in the school where students or lecturers will be scared of walking freely on campus.
I make bold to assert that the Union belongs to the Generality of Great Ife student but the Students of English will never support a union who had not done what is right scientifically and tactically.

Hon. Ibraheem Sulaimon Olayiwola.
Hon. Clerk, Nasels Students Representative Council, OAU.


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