OAU SU vs Professor: From the ACJ

[18/11 7:02 pm] Prolificben: Greatest pen asserters
Gentlemen and women of the press.

It becomes really necessary to respond to the issues surrounding the victimization of our member boards by some unscrupulous ends on Obafemi Awolowo University community.
Without beating about the bush, aside the reports flying around about the recent defacing of some of our member boards with indiscriminate pasting of union posters on our boards, the leadership of this Association have moved round various departments and places
where some of our member boards are stationed to verify the truth of the matter.
Of course, the news is true, as boards such as the Icons Organisation, The Megaphone News Agency, Nasels Communication Beureau, and some boards in the Faculty of Public Administration were invariably disfigured with the Students’ Union publicity posters.

In reaction to this disdainful and villainous act, the leadership of the Executive council and the Guild have gone into a meeting with the OAU Students’ Union Central Executive Council to channel our yearnings and displeasure at the said action.

While admitting to take the fault for the indiscriminate posting of posters on our boards, the Union leadership told us that they gave out the publicity exercise on contract to some set of persons.

However, we demanded that that a public apology be made to the Association with immediate effect and this, the Union leadership agreed to do, claiming that they rue the action.

ACJ will not hesitate to protect her members to the last end, any threats against boards is highly unwelcome and even any action from the students’ union will not be appreciated as ignorance is no reason for vandalization of boards, this is to issue a strong warning to all those involved in this act that ACJOAU will not tolerate this act, we however look forward to the apology letter as promised by the SU leadership.


Adebayo Benjamin

Olanrewaju Oyedeji
Chairman, Guild of Editors


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