OAU SU vs Professor: Nasels president responds to some challenging reactions


Greatest Naselsites,
Articulate Naselsites,

Ever creative Naselsites, my attention has been drawn to the numerous articles circulating on social media. I salute our sagacity and stand against some un-cultured, rude, oppressive and power-drunk Students’ Union leaders. I do not expect us to be surprise with the propaganda they released, they thrive on lies, blackmail and deceit, which are tools for weak leaders and losers.

However, I sincerely appeal to all those who still have their articles in the pipe-line not to publish them. The Union leaders and their ‘Halleluyah boys’ are intellectually empty, confused and lack focus. They do not deserve the time we use in writing. What matters most to us is that Prof. Y.K. Yusuf cannot apologise for being disrespected.

Also, Union positions/offices are not anyone’s family tit‎le or fathers’ entitlement, it is temporary, not a right but privilege. Even though majority of us are forced (through payment of due together with school fee) to join the Union, it remains a veritable institution to defend oppression and poor welfarism. The challenge is simply the case of bad leadership and worst managers, who find themselves in various positions they never prepared for in the Union.‎

Let’s stand gallantly! Our resolution is clear! No Union leader delivered of by a woman or through incubator will get apology from Prof. Y.K Yusuf. Ignore the threats by the so called USA-freaked President and ‎N1.8million phone call seeking union leaders, who are trading the integrity of the Union for cheap popularity.‎

Info: In line with our resolution, we have submitted all letters, including petition to the Security Unit.

  • The Union leaders and are expected to come and cause another nuisance  at the dept on Friday (today)
  • Naselsites are advised to shun Union activities to avoid being victims of reprisal by the Union leaders political thugs

-‎ Further actions/plans will be discussed during the congress scheduled to hold on Monday by 5pm‎.

Thank you.


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