OAU SU vs Professor: Reactions from great Ife students


I find it disheartening that a President of a department can go as shameless as vigorously protecting the unwarranted attitude of a university professor simply because he wants him to upgrade him to 2-1. Sodiq Oyeleke has an antecedence of being pro-management and has served as a fifth-columnist, giving information to the university PRO about the activities of our union.
Mr Oyeleke, the kangaroo congress you called is a delusion of the position of most English students. What is wrong when the PRO of our union politely requests a favour from a lecturer. The lecturer can politely turn down the request, but your school father exercised lack of emotional intelligence. He shouted at and abused the PRO and went to the extent of grabbing his cloth. I think you should give the students the correct version of the story.

Here you are abusing our union leaders, am not surprise. You were once suspended as president of English because you were intoxicated with power and called a congress to reinstate yourself. You went ahead to punch to project the news of 1.8M naira phone call when the budget has not yet been passed. Everything you have done is to paint the image of our union wrong. Be warned before Great Ife students take scrupulous action against you.
English department records very poor results yearly, and Mr sodiq has not been seen to vigorously address the issue as he his taking up this matter. We then wonder where his consciousness and loyalty stands.

The intervention of ASUU and the Students’ Union President allowed the issue to be peacefully settled and Y.K. Yusuf should humbly accept his wrong and apologize for not being able to control his temperament.

Kunle Adebisi


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