OAU SU vs Professor: Reactions; grammar errors pointed out to the SU

Then on the criticism of the OAU Students Union release by anonymous; grammar:


With due respect Messrs Omotayo Akande, Emmanuel ‎Ojedokun (Kant) and Seun Oketooto, kindly see some of the errors in your recently released article titled, ‘On the assault on the PRO of our union’

*The student union (Line 1)
•The Students’ Union‎

*…being a collective umbrella body (L1)
•a collective body or umbrella body‎

*…of all students is a constituted body with (it) mandate and machinery (L2)

*…‎largely (within) the students populace. ‎(L3)

*‎… in accordance (to)‎ – (L6)
•in accordance with

‎the tenet (L6)‎
•the tenets

…Great Ife (students union)‎ – (L7)
•Great Ife Students’ Union

*…(Proponent) of any form of oppression are not only (Line 11)‎

*…official responsibility of the Public (Relation) Officer of the (students’) Union‎ (L13)
•Relations •the Students’ Union

*…‎Mr. Emmanuel Ojedokun (Immanuel Kant) on (the) Nov 17 –  (L14)‎
•…on November 17‎

*…went round classes to (sought) permission (L15)

*(to make announcement) (to keep students’ abreast of development) within the (union)‎ – (L15- 16)
‎•‎ (to make announcement) or (to keep students abreast of development) ‎
•…the Union

*the programs lined up for the International (Students day). 
‎•Students’ Day

*In 0DLT 1, Professor Y.K Yusuf, former (dean) of (the) (faculty) of (Art) …
•‎ Dean of Faculty of Arts

*‎…PRO of the (union) to exercise his constitutional duty.
• the Union‎

*(Although) (It) must be established that the permission
‎•Although •it…

*of the PRO to make such announcement during a (lecture section)‎
•‎ lecture or session

•the University ‎


as some other lecturers have done which never caused a rancor

*as the PRO (will) gracefully step aside to allow the lecture to finish their lecture.

To the greatest amusement of the (student body present)
•Students’ body executive/officials 

*‎He went further to express unwarranted anger (of) physically assaulting the PRO‎

*‎This of course (generate) uproar

*outrage by (the professor)‎
•the Professor‎

*… but (speak) negative of the supposed symbiotic 

*‎relationships expected between students and (lecturer).

‎*the immediate absence of the professor 
•the Professor

*‎…just to avoid the professor being mobbed by aggrieved students
•the Professor

*The PRO is yet to be invited for any meeting for the purpose of clarification when necessary.  
•Remove ‘when necessary’‎

*We (are) very impressed with the doggedness of the conscious members of students in the (department) of English who understand that union intervention on the assault on the PRO (will) also be ‎equally replicated if it were to be any other student.
‎•were •Department • would

*The understanding that the PRO is on a union assignment and any assault is (automatic) an assault on the (students) body.‎
•automatically‎ •students’

*We will not fail to express our disappointment at the unpatriotic act of (the president) of the (English department). 
•‎the President • Department of English‎

*We wish to inform him that the union (will) have (likewise) intervene if he was in anyways assaulted by any lecturer.‎
•‎would • delete either ‘likewise’ or ‘have’

*The (students’ union) stand to defend the interest of her members and if a union executive is assaulted then what becomes the (faith) of any other Great Ife student.
•Students’ Union •fate

‎*We are aware of the Congress of (English students) but will advise (their) President to give  members the true side of the story for () objective resolution. 
‎•students of English Language •the •an objective

* We must also understand that our (similarity) as students is of course more important than the differences or barriers of department.
•vague, not contextual in meaning 

*Our attention has (being) drawn by the ACJ of indiscriminate posters pasted around department and faculties.

*‎The (students union) sincerely is oblivion of this development as the posters (of) (the union) were pasted by student agencies who get such contract…
•Students’ Union •on • the Union

*This is in no way connected to the (incidence) that occurred at the (English department) as wrongly speculated.
•incident •Department of English‎

++ALL THANKS TO NASELS FOR ITS TUTORIAL CLASSES. SU PRES, SEC-GEN AND PRO YOU MAY ALSO CONSIDER ATTENDING? I do not expect you to be perfect but a release from the Union.


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