OAU SU vs Professor: What the students union has to say

Great Ife,
The student union being a collective umbrella body of all students is a constituted body with it mandate and machinery largely within the students populace. In the spirit of fairness and equity and in accordance to the tenet of Great Ife students union, oppression is a virus that must at all times be chastised and condemned with the vaccine of intellectual radicalism. Proponent of any form of oppression are not only anti-students but are impediment to a fair society.
In line with the mandate and official responsibility of the Public Relation Officer of the students’ Union, Mr. Emmanuel Ojedokun( Immanuel Kant) on the Nov 17, went round classes to sought permission to make announcement to keep students’ abreast of development within the union and the programs lined up for the International Students day.
In 0DLT 1, Professor Y.K Yusuf, former dean of the faculty of Art was POLITELY APPROACHED by the PRO of the union to exercise his constitutional duty. Although It must be established that the permission of the PRO to make such announcement during a lecture section is TOTALLY AT THE DISCRETION AND MAGNANIMITY OF THIS UNIVERSITY DON AND THE DECLINE OF SUCH REQUEST BY THE PROFESSOR, WE ALSO EXPECTED TO BE POLITE, AND COURTEOUS as some other lecturers have done which never caused a rancor, as the PRO will gracefully step aside to allow the lecture to finish their lecture.
To the greatest amusement of the student body present, Prof Y.K Yusuf not only insulted the PRO by screaming ‘GET OUT YOU ARE STUPID!! He went further to express unwarranted anger of physically assaulting the PRO. This of course generate uproar as students present could not withstand the unnecessary outrage by the professor

Great Ife, this bellicose disposition of a university professor not only pose a serious disgrace to our university community but speak negative of the supposed symbiotic relationships expected between students and lecturer.
We appreciate the timely intervention of the ASUU chairman and other executive members of ASUU. We however hope that the unfortunate incidence will not affect our gestures of solidarity.
As a union, even in the face of students’ grievance we were able to pacify our students and accede to the immediate absence of the professor throughout the emergency meeting with ASUU executives just to avoid the professor being mobbed by aggrieved students.
The PRO is yet to be invited for any meeting for the purpose of clarification when necessary. We hope that the trust embedded in the members of ASUU present will not be betrayed. Great Ife students await the outcome of ASUU’s intervention.
We are very impressed with the doggedness of the conscious members of students in the department of English who understand that union intervention on the assault on the PRO will also be equally replicated if it were to be any other student. The understanding that the PRO is on a union assignment and any assault is automatic an assault on the students body. We will not fail to express our disappointment at the unpatriotic act of the president of the English department. We wish to inform him that the union will have likewise intervene if he was in anyways assaulted by any lecturer.
The students’ union stand to defend the interest of her members and if a union executive is assaulted then what becomes the faith of any other Great Ife student.
We are aware of the Congress of English students but will advise their President to give members the true side of the story for objective resolution. We do not appreciate the very incorrect tale told the students at the congress. We must also understand that our similarity as students is of course more important than the differences or barriers of department.

Our attention has being drawn by the ACJ of indiscriminate posters pasted around department and faculties. The students union sincerely is oblivion of this development as the posters of the union were pasted by student agencies who get such contract and we apologize to all affected boards and department. This is in no way connected to the incidence that occurred at the English department as wrongly speculated.

Emmanuel Ojedokun Public Relations Officer
Omotayo Akande(TY) President


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