OAU SU Vs Professor: Nasels President directs students to shun Students union activities

NASELS Ptresident enjoins NASELSites to avoid all SU OAU programs.
Following the events of yesterday, 17th Nov. 2015, where the students’ Union Obafemi Awolowo University disrupted a part two English department class, the demand of an open apology letter from professor Y.K. Yusuf of the department and the threatening of his security, most of the boards at the department of English were found this morning bastardised and defaced with posters of the 2nd Gani Fawehunmi lecture.

The Students’ Union OAU is suspected to be the culprit of the indecent act as it is thought that they wanted revenge concerning the release by the National Association of Students of English and Literary Studies that the SU should write an open letter of apology and their refusal to hear the President speak yesterday. Also, the posters were not put on other boards on campus. Why boards at the department of English?

Following the events and to ensure the safety of all students of the department, the President of the department, Sodiq Oyeleke has advised all NASLESite to steer clear of all programs and activities of the SU. This he said in his address to the part three class. He said that the safety of the students cannot be guaranteed.

Meanwhile, some of the students have reacted to this development claiming that the program is been used as a revenge force and it is not certain that the lecture will benefit students, especially since the organisers are lately being violent.
It should be noted that some group of activists on campus already condemn one of the speakers of the lecture.
These are some of the questions that readily come to mind;
1) What is the fate of the journalists on OAU campus?
2) Is this the proper conduct of a students’ union?
3) Is violence the way out for our leaders?
4) Should the program itself be scraped?


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