African politics so far

A review project by Olamide Matthew being final phase of Connect Media screening

Submitted 21 November 2015


Politics, a game by intellectuals. The origination of politics could be traced far back to the ancient Greek city-state. A lot of people has defined politics in a wrong manner, Africans in particular, defines politics to be a dirty game. This was due to the perspective and the mentality applied to define the African politics, but to me, politics isn’t a dirty game,only those who engage in it are filthy and stinking. If we could go back to the earliest African politicians in the likes of Jomo Kenyatta of kenya, our dear Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Nnamdi Azikwe of Nigeria and also Tom Mboya of Kenya. These set of people made the masses their superior priority. But the present day politics is not practised as the days of these old men. Africa is faced with the problems of maladministration and political instability. A question has been in my heart unanswered that ”what does the future of African countries hold”’. Let’s take the likes of Cote de voire as a case study; in 2010, there was a political fracas between the then incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo and the president -elect, Alassan Quttara. Laurent Gbagbo was unwilling to release power to Alassan Quattara, which ought not to be so..Africa ought to be a continent where the leaders cherish democracy, but the reverse is the. case. The present day leaders are only interested in their selfish interests. Also there are some questions bothering my mind: i.when will corruption end in Africa. ii.when will there be a stable Africa. This is a call on all Africans to rise on to our feet and seek a way forward and find a way to have a better Africa….I pray God bless Africa.

Connect Media House


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