After the incident that occurred last week, when the Students’ Union P.R.O, Immanuel Kant was physically assaulted by a Professor of Semantics- a senior lecturer in the department of English Language, OAU- Professor Y.K Yusuf. Subsequently ,a lot of actions and reactions has happened, several allegations and counter-allegations, several write-ups, a lot of actions and decisions has been taken by both parties etc. Though, I will reiterate it here again that the action of the so called lecturer was absurd, barbaric and un-called for. Infact, it is even indefensible. His action is even against the ethics of his job, though lecturers are the “alpha and omega” of their class but nevertheless some sign of civility, respect should also be exhibited by them or in more clear terms, RESPECT IS RECIPROCAL! But the action of the lecturer shows how despotic and oppressive his behaviour is.I have argued with several sympathisers and supporters of this oppressive lecturer; what I noticed was simple: they don’t have any point to defend the draconian attitude of the lecturer. Even most of his sympathisers are students of the department of English Language; their argument has always been: he is a gentleman, he is a nice man, and he is the most friendly and jovial lecturer in the department etc. Their argument lacks logic, no logical arguments to justify the man action and moreover I believe most people championing the self-predicament of the man are doing it for some pecuniary gains that is best known to them.I was bewildered when I saw the action of their controversial President- SDK- a person who rigged himself in as the President of the department, an impostor President who got himself to the corridor of power through manipulation, violence, electoral malpractice and fraud behaving like a thug, he mobilised his thugs and crooks to a ‘kangaroo’ congress in which they were not even up to thirty at the so called congress. It came to me not as a surprise because it was also through a ‘kangaroo’ congress he was imposed as the President of the department. I saw their watery resolutions threatening “hell and fire”, they even threatened to secede from the Students’ Union, I only laugh in Japanese! The Biafrans of OAU! Yet with all their empty threat, no actions has been taken so far, SDK a personality who just won the Journalist of the Year behaving like a thug, he is a disgrace to journalism! My advice to SDK is to face his constitutional responsibilities, though some members of NASELS do not recognise him as the President of the association, he should discharge his duties faithfully,and he should stop supporting an oppressive lecturer for pecuniary gains. He should rise up to academic assault happening under his nose in the department, he should rise up and face the sexual assault occurring in his constituency, he should tackle the issue of mass failure in his department, SDK must take up pro-student actions and stop being a puppet to an oppressive lecturer. I hope he would use his strength and power like he used when supporting the oppressive lecturer to fight academic and sexual assault going on in his department. I hope he would also mobilise for a congress to tackle the anomalies going on under his watch. NASELS must stop behaving like the BIAFRANS, they should face reality,all your effort, actions and decisions will continue to be in futility if you continue to support, sympathise, solidarise with oppression, take up pro-student actions and decisions, solidarise with your students who always have mass failure in their exams, solidarise with your girls who are always sexually assaulted by these lecturers and stop being a puppet and megaphone of lecturers.

A Concerned Student.

appl. CN Media House


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