OAU Epidemic: Interview with an affected OAU student

Aderibigbe Olamide
Obalakun Ayomide
Ezenwa Obinna Stephen


  • Discretion is advised. The interview is purely an opinion and not an advice.

It is no more news that there is a vast spread of what has been suspected to be malaria parasite on OAU campus and could be presumed to have started on Wednesday 24 Febuary 2016; this has been a nightmare to majority of OAU persons and students.

The Health centre at the Obafemi Awolowo University has recently become home to lots of sick students.
It was reported that over 500 students of the Obafemi Awolowo University were attended to on Thursday 25 Febuary 2016 and even more keeps coming in while the OAU health centre is short of medical supplies and staff to meet the needs of the Patients and has infact been accused by students of the Obafemi Awolowo University of giving out expired drugs and so students are enjoined to be courteous enough to verify the drugs they’ve being given.

In an interview by a CoNnect correspondent, Aderibigbe Olamide with an affected OAU student, identity withheld, we were made to realize that there is nothing mysterious about the rampant sickness. She said it is only as a result of the harsh weather and a breed of mosquito in and around the halls of residents.

She stated that the doctors at the health center are trying their best in order to cure this disease but they seem to be frustrated as the spread is on its increase.

She said it is a sure thing that the students will put the blame on the school management regarding the disease; whereas, it is just a natural occurrence.

The lady said, she only took paracetamol and ciprotab, and the pain seems to have subsided.

She added that she hasn’t been to the health center because she sees no need being there.

She told us that,mosquito nets are not helping the situation for reasons best known to her.

In another findings through an anonymous comment:

“Up till yesterday night, I was using expired drugs
I got it from my brother. He was given expired drugs at the health center”.
Those are the words of another affected OAU student.

Consequently, students are implored to endeavor to check the expiry date of any drug obtained at the health center’s pharmacy before consumption.

Edited by
Bewaji Emmanuel

CoNnect Media House


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