Sitting disease that could kill you

By Obalakun Ayomide

It sounds pretty shocking and a bit inflammatory to say that sitting could kill you, but according to new research, sitting for 6 or
hours a day, even if you offset it with exercise, will make 40%
to die within 15 years than someone who sits less than 3.
With the average person sitting for 9.3 hours a day a lot of us
are at risk of negative
health problems simply because we’re too sedentary.
What happens when you sit?
According to research collated by medical biling and coding,
if you sit down for too
long glucose levels drop and insulin resistance increases. As
soon as you sit down the
following things happen to your body:
• Electrical activity in leg muscles shuts off
• Calorie burning drops to 1 per minute
• Enzymes that break down fat drop 90%
After 2 hours your good cholesterol drops by 20% and after 24
hours insulin
effectiveness drops 24% and the risk of diabetes rises. People
with sitting jobs have
twice the rate of cardiovascular disease as those with
standing jobs.
What can you do?
This isn’t a situation where exercise can counteract the effects
of sitting for a long time
so it’s extremely important to interrupt sitting whenever you
can. Spend your lunch
breaks standing; try and stand up for 3-5 minutes every few
One real problem with our lifestyles is that sitting carries on at
home after work. For
those of us who work in an office sitting for long periods of
time is unfortunately
inevitable. But think about what happens when you leave the
Driving home or taking public transport is often more sitting,
and getting in and
“putting your feet up” prolongs the sedentary behaviour.
Simply standing up regularly
in the evening or going for short walks will fight off the so-
called “sitting disease”. As
Dr Wilmot, who led a study on sitting told the BBC,
“People convince themselves they are living a healthy lifestyle,
doing their 30 minutes
of exercise a day…But they need to think about the other 23.5
Half the battle of combating our sedentary behaviour is being
aware of it. Try and
become conscious of how much you sit down each day so
that you’re encouraged to
move about a bit more.

Adt: White House Physio Clinic

CoNnect Media House


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