We Are All Wrong!

By Oloworekende Wale
Critical writer, CN

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Mr Ben Murray-Bruce supposedly sent a broadcast message this week to Nigerian’s explaining how we
keep blaming the government for every woe that befalls us both as a country and as individuals, whilst I sincerely doubt the validity of Mr Murray-Bruce being the author of that broadcast he outlined the

  • That Nigerians or at-least the greater majority of us are yet to trust our locally made products ( oh trust me this is very true, you need just ask yours truly)
  • That creatively we do not think outside the box ( common every nigerian mothers prayer is that
    her child gets a job after his university education, so don’t get me started on the creative
    thinking front)

  • Oh he also mentioned the Nigerian Fan-addiction to the English premiership ( right now your probably lol-ing abi, like come on this is the premiership we are talking about, the boss of
    bosses, ozil, vardy,aguero)

Trust me when I say all the above stated are true as the sun rising in the east , except I fell that we need
a sense of deeper reflection , we are a people who have shirked responsibility on both ends of the aisle

Our government has characteristically been non-challant in its attitude to governance bar some well
structured administrations, almost always caught in the wind, always promising to diversify, always
signing alliances and at the end of their tenures leaving the citizenry with the grudging feeling of what
should have been. Our elected officials are given our “mandate” to represent us and yet they chase
frivolities, rather than following a strict sense of nation building they plunge the country further into a
darkhole of debt and invest hard earned tax-payers money into other economies. The elected is our
voice its high time they accept responsibility and steer this great country towards its rightful place.
Oh my dear electorates, the ever conscious pricks on the hearts of our leaders, I wish to tell you
something about my mother, my mum really is a great person, she’s a choleric by temperament and highly opinionated yet in her 40 plus years in this country I doubt she has ever taken to the ballot,
millions of Nigerians complain about leadership and yet when given a chance to really do something about it, they choose to stay in their houses on the day that the power of their fingers means a lot to the world,
we complain that our streets are not well-kept yet we litter them with debris and filth, the secretary in a
government agency office will answer to her Yoruba brother before giving the earlier igbo man her
attention, the secretary in my dear school will destroy you with her facial expression because you want her to do the work she is payed to do, we complain about our bad roads and still we pass the legal speed limits on those roads , how many of our gainfully employed workers pay tax? Why do we buy
frozen food or embalmed chicken as my mother will say? Why do we give bribes to our policemen yet
feign disgust when reports of public office holders receiving bribes reach our ears? I am not another wailer, this is my little contribution to my home, let’s face the problems of today and
tomorrow with a renewed attitude of devotion to duty, unity and honesty, Per Aspera Ad Astra is a latin
word meaning through difficulties to the star, Its my greatest wish to see you in the Nigeria of my
dreams ..Godspeed

Edited by
Bewaji Emmanuel

CoNnect Media House


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