Cucumber: What it can do for you

By Obalakun Ayomide


For those who don’t like Cucumber, Check out what you are missing…

Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus) is a fruit from the genus cucumis.

Cucumber belongs to the same plant family as squash, pumpkin, and watermelon. Like watermelon, cucumber is made up of mostly (95 percent) water so those of us who don’t like ‘drinking’ you can literally eat water.

Here is a short list of the impressive benefits that a cucumber carries:


(1) It keeps you hydrated

(2) When you get to a place where you don’t just like the food around or where you can’t just get good food to eat, With vitamin K, B vitamins, copper, potassium, vitamin C, and manganese, cucumbers can help you avoid nutrient deficiencies.

(3). For those who love brain tasking Activities, it helps your brain, and In addition improves your memory and protects your nerve cells from age-related decline, fisetin which is present in Cucumber has been found to prevent memory and learning impairments.

(4) Reduces Your Risk of Cancer.
For those who want to know how, Cucumbers contain polyphenols called lignans (pinoresinol, lariciresinol, and secoisolariciresinol… Should I continue? Good…

(5) Helps digestion as chewing cucumber gives the jaws a good workout, and the fibre in it is great for digestion.

(6) Aids weight loss (don’t ask me how, you just try out the fruit.)

(7) Good for diabetics so patients of diabetes can enjoy cucumber and also reap its health benefits: cucumber contains a hormone needed by the cells of the pancreas for producing insulin.

(8) Keeps kidneys in good shape.

(9) I don’t want you to get the wrong ideas that I am encouraging rough play, but for those of you that love rough play and like Sports, Cucumber is good medicine for Soothing muscle and joint pain (Lessen amount of pain after sports injury).

(10) For people that love their hair and nails in the best shape, maybe you should add cucumbers to your fruit list as it helps Smoothen your hair and nails. It also helps the skin be in good shape so its generally good for Fashion.

Now you could go get Cucumbers for yourselves abi 10 benefits never do you…lol

Edited by
Bewaji Emmanuel
Ezenwa Stephen

CoNnect Media House


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