Important information to OAU freshers on registration, payment etc + OAU 2015/2016 updated calendar

By Bewaji Emmanuel


This is to inform OAU freshers 2015/2016 on some things according to the enquiries and conversations we’ve been receiving and trending on our channels. Firstly, according to reports tweeted @oauconnected yesterday, registration (payment of fees) is now available and going through quite well on the OAU portal. Consequently,

  • The acceptance fee should come first
  • It is not advisable to pay for bed space when you’ve not requested for it and given. You should request for bed space and should have been allocated to one before paying for it. As tweeted @oauconnected yesterday:

  • A lot of freshers have testified that using ATM (master card) for payment is the easiest and fastest as they got confirmation of payment in minutes after payment while others using the manual REMITA payment means hasn’t gotten confirmation yet. However, we advise discretion on this.

Here are some other useful info from our channels, especially OAU CoNnect, WhatsApp channels as given by our user witnesses. Discretion is advised.

How to pay your fees through Remita

  1. Login to the portal ( )
  • Click on payment activities

  • Click on Payment via Remita
    Under type of payment, choose the category of payment and fill in your email adress.

  • Click on submit
    It will display the summary of your payment details.

  • Click on submit again.

  • It will display a page that shows your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) and Order I D.

  • Select mode of payment (Advisable to choose BANK BRANCH)

    1. Submit
  • It will display your payment invoice.
    Click on View Payment Details

  • Print out the payment details and write out your RRR invoice number .

  • Take the printed invoice and RRR no to your preferred bank

  • To check for available banks and branches, Check beneath
    How do you want pay”

  • You must ensure that your ATM card is activated for online transaction and have the enough money in your account for the transaction. Ensure you use an advanced browser like opera browser(not opera mini), uc browser(not uc mini), Firefox or chrome.

    Log in and select the payment type

    Fill in your email if you don’t have one, use any that you have access to.

    When it list the payment options just select your card type. Discard the bank branch ishhh.

    The types are MasterCard, visa and verve. Check your atm to know which type is yours then select

    It will direct you to a page where you will fill the card details. There’s no need for your ATM password

    You will fill the card number which is on the front of the ATM

    The card holder name as it is on the ATM

    Then the cv which is the three digits at the back of the ATM

    Then the ATM expiry date(month/year)

    Then you click ok

    The next page will ask you for a code which you will receive on the phone number linked with the ATM

    Just type in the code to confirm the payment

    Then you will receive alert on the email you provided.

    In it will be your receipt which is attached.

    Just download the receipt(its just 80-100kb). It’s a PDF file and open with pdf reader like adobe reader.

    Send the PDF file to a PC and print your receipt out.


    [3:45am, 22/04/20]
    When u log in…. U will see that u Av been admitted to ur course blah blah blah and proceed to pay acceptance fee….
    [3:45am, 22/04/2016] bewajiemmanuel2011@gmail.: There you will select The ATM if MasterCard or Verve
    [3:45am, 22/04/2016] bewajiemmanuel2011@gmail.: And a space to select mode of payment
    [3:45am, 22/04/2016] bewajiemmanuel2011@gmail.: A page will show displaying ur name and ur fee and bank charges ….press submit
    [3:45am, 22/04/2016] bewajiemmanuel2011@gmail.: After that ur remita number will show ND some number underneath
    [3:45am, 22/04/2016] bewajiemmanuel2011@gmail.: You will fill in the form and press submit
    [3:45am, 22/04/2016] bewajiemmanuel2011@gmail.: Press OK to continue
    [3:45am, 22/04/2016] bewajiemmanuel2011@gmail.: ND it will show that it’s connecting to the payment gate
    [11:07pm, 21/04/2016] ‪+234 803 771 4945‬: Is the receipt
    [11:07pm, 21/04/2016] ‪+234 803 771 4945‬: An OTP CODE WILL B SENT TO UR PHONE NUMBER
    [11:07pm, 21/04/2016] ‪+234 803 771 4945‬: After that, a page will open and will ask u to fill in the numbers on ur ATM card………….. And the last three numbers at the back…. The expiry date nd the name on the card….. Then press submit
    [11:07pm, 21/04/2016] ‪+234 803 771 4945‬: ND u will be shown a page ed that ur payment is successful or approved
    [11:07pm, 21/04/2016] ‪+234 803 771 4945‬: So u will print it out, the attachment
    [11:07pm, 21/04/2016] ‪+234 803 771 4945‬: A page will open for u to enter the OTP code sent to you
    [11:07pm, 21/04/2016] ‪+234 803 771 4945‬: Afterwhich u press pay or submit
    [11:07pm, 21/04/2016] ‪+234 803 771 4945‬: It will b sent to ur email
    Archbishop, OAU CoNnect, WhatsApp channels

    Stay connected

    CoNnect Media House (OAU Admissions division
    – OAU’s No.1 aspirants platform)


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