The lethal leaders by Olawale Wasiu

By Olawale Taiwo Wasiu , Creative writer, The Arts Firm (CoNnect Media House)



who will question
The Authority,
That’s cunningly
Enslaving our personality?

Those with this
question, are many
But only a few
Can ask the question.

However, the number
Of those ordained
to ask the question,
Only few of them
are sincerely saint
And ready, to question
Any questionable hands
Of those unquestionables

The hands of the rest
Have been stained
And they also
Became questionable.

Their actions are now
Just like those pastors,
Anointed by lucifers,
Who broadcast lies,
Through the truth media
Their sacred trumpets,
Are now blowing serpents.
Our defenders, are now
Our ghastly attackers.
As we are complaining
Of the reign of witches,
They keep producing females,
Like swarm of bees.

Who will now save us
From these crazy demons,
In the garments of democracy,
Who are decimating our,
Hard won autonomy?

As our woods
Are full of holes
Indeed, we have unknowingly,
Elected termites to
Be the sealers of the holes.

Wasiu Taiwo Olawale (Mr. Literatus)

Official publisher: CoNnect Media House

– Media arts department of The Arts Firm


Olawale Wasiu is a student, passionate poet and creative writer at CoNnect Media House, Media arts department of The Arts Firm, Africa. Reach him on 08108448845.

The Arts Firm
CoNnect Media House


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