Henke: Online Real- time Advertising Will Drive e- Commerce in Nigeria.

By okeleye Timilehin


Managing Director , Emerging Markets ,
Criteo, Mr . Dirk Henke , spoke to select
journalists on the shift from generic
advertising to personalised advertising ,
using online real-time technology .
Emma Okonji presents the excerpts:

Criteo is a leading global technology
company that specialises in marketing
performance advertising, working with
over 10 , 000 e- commerce companies
around the world . Criteo enables
companies to engage and convert
their customers online whether they
are on a desktop , laptop, tablet or
I started the Germany market for
Criteo, which then was an emerging
market for us like what Nigeria is to
us today . From Russia to Turkey , and
in countries in the Middle East and
Eastern Europe , we have established
our presence. All these are important
markets for Criteo , which have kept
growing over the years .
We have been in the African market
and in the Nigerian market since two
years ago and we already have
clients, even though the number is
still small because we started few
years ago.

My focus for Criteo business .

Criteo is a marketing performance
company that works with advertisers
in the e- Commerce space. We deal
with e- Commerce players that trade
online and even those retailers that
trade offline . We also work with the
media in the area of online advert
placement on their sites. What is
social about Criteo , is the technology
adoption and deployment in which we
drive performance marketing . Every
single add we display is customised
to the user and we do not pre –
produce the adds, but we produce
instant adds based on the user needs.

How we create adverts that are customer specific.

What we do to achieve this is to
follow the online buying pattern of the
customer , and we will have idea of
places where the customer has gone
online to shop and the things the
customer is actually looking for. With
that information at our finger tips
about the customer , we will produce
an add that meets the customer
needs and post it directly to the
customer by offering the customer
varieties of the things the customer
is looking for and also educate the
customer on the location those items
could be found at best prices .
Again, if a customer goes online and
shop for a camera , we will be able to
monitor the customer and see the
size of camera that the customer has
bought and we can develop an add on
camera bags that will match the
camera bought by the customer and
also develop adds on camera
accessories and post them directly to
the customer because we know the
customer will need them for comfort .
So in such a way , we customise the
customer needs by developing instant
adds that meet the customer needs.
All these are done in real time, using
the online platform , because we
create and produce adds for
customers in seconds, and broadcast
it while they are on a particular
website and the customer sees it
immediately and that makes it real
time online advertising. So we can
create adds that could be sent to
over 40 million people that are online,
doing different things .

Purpose for Criteo online

Our online advertising is designed to
drive sales for our clients . We study
the online buying pattern of our
client ’ s customers and design adds
that are customised to their
customers in real time and the bottom
line is to drive sales for our clients .
This is true because banners that we
develop are not only customised, but
are catching and interesting to the
customers . Through the process , our
clients will get more customers that
will be doing additional shopping from
their sites.
This is a new form of advertising that
is being driving by technology and we
are promoting this to drive traffic to
our clients’ sites and also boost
sales .

Challenges that
are common to various regions outside Nigeria.

The challenge differs from region to
region, depending on the size and
maturity of the online business in the
region. Nigeria for example, has large
size of potential online shoppers but
the market is not as developed as in
other regions like South Africa and
the United States . Clients like Jumia ,
Konga, Yudala and various online
platforms are , however , trying to
boost the Nigerian online e -Commerce
business .
The challenges are similar in some
areas when it comes to consumer
behaviour, while shopping online .
Some customers want to sample
prices and quality from various online
shops before buying and our
technology monitors the consumer
behaviour and taste and we quickly
offer the customer with quality
products and better pricing from the
list of our clients , and this , like I said
earlier, drives sales for our clients .
For us , the challenges are

Acceptance level of
targeted advertising in the Nigerian
market .

We have been in Nigeria in the last
two years , running our new campaign
for targeted advertising and clients
are beginning to see the huge benefit
of our campaign, and they are
beginning to accept it .

Since Our solution is targeted at
clients that are focused on e-
Commerce , how do Criteo manage
information of two clients like jumia
and Konga, without compromising .

It is possible to manage information
of two clients without compromising .
What we do is to separate the
information of different clients and
use the information to create adds
that are specific to their customers ,
and we do that without compromising
information because we know that
they are competitors in the same
market . A lot of our clients are
competitors and we have been able to
separate information of global players
in order to build trust between us and
our clients .

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