Tips to performing excellently by Adeklench

By Adeloye Oluwaseun


First release: Mon. 2 May 2016
Official Publishing: Wed. 4 May 2016

Hi StudyLovers!

It’s A* Monday and I have once again come up with new tips to score the perfect grade, A*! This week I cover everything from how to overcome stress to how to take appropriate breaks. Follow these five steps to raise your chances of graduating top of your class!

  1. Try to de-stress before exams
    Life can often throw us curve balls that can really pull you off the right track. These can be anything from a volatile home life, to the death of a loved one. While it’s understandable that these would be difficult to deal with, focus on your studies as an outlet for your frustration. Passing your exams may not solve all your problems, but it would definitely make your life easier. Try to de-stress before your exams, no matter the problems at hand.
  2. Turn off your phone
    Turn off your phone when you are in class and when you are studying. It’s easy to get distracted when your phone is constantly ringing so make sure that you turn it off. This will make sure that you concentrate on your studies rather than what your friends are chatting about on social media.

  3. Use a highlighter
    Use a highlighter in your notes to mark the main points of your study material. Make sure that you only pick out key information rather than highlighting everything. This will make it easy for you to skim over the most important facts just before your exam, and commit these to memory with a passing glance.

  4. Avoid watching television during your breaks
    Several students take a break from studying by watching television. However, watching a movie or a show in between your study periods can really distract your mind from the study material. If you do this, you may often find that your mind takes longer than usual to settle once you sit down to study. Instead, relax during your breaks by listening to music.

  5. Watch a documentary
    Although unconventional, by watching a documentary on the study topic, you complement your reading and you remember more that you would from studying alone. Plus, it’s way more interesting! Make sure, however, that you pick a documentary that uses credible sources and is therefore accurate.


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