Cruelty In Governance

By Aderibigbe Olamide


Yes, I see him,
I see him, he who sit on the high throne.
On the throne of governance.
I can see him, who is dressed in a great and royal apparel.
With glittering sandals,
All plated with gold.
I can also see fury in his eyes.
Oh! I see.
He is the man feared by all.

Oh! I can also see,
People dying of hunger,
Oh! I’m depressed.
People suffer a great deal,
But he is in splendor,
He took away all their mandate
With sweet talks.
They are now left to their fate.
Oh,I see.
The ruler is cruel,
The people are dying.
He is in affluence,
The masses suffer.

He took away all they had.
Leaving them in the cold hands of poverty.
Oh! Great ruler.
Why art thou been cruel?
You were close to them,
You were once their friend.
But now,they are your sworn enemies.
Oh! Ruler

Olamide is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, English department (literature) , an upcoming writer. Olamide reports and writes for CoNnect Media House.

CoNnect Media House


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