The hope ahead by Aderibigbe Olamide

By Aderibigbe Olamide


….(A poem dedicated to the less privileged and street urchins)

We are the native of the street.
The street is what we are made of.
The street houses us and our mischiefs.
Urchins we are.

We move around like locust.
All we do is to live at no cost
Out of poverty we were bred.
Like the five thousands, we share our bread.

We live like no man.
They thought of us as irrelevant.
But to us we are the most relevant.
We house ourselves under bridges.
Enjoying the cool breeze of the night.
Moving all heads down at dawn.

We really do have a dream.
A dream to change our glory.
We have the hope of forging ahead.
Ahead of the big men.
They had no mercy on us.
All they do is to ask for our help.
Ask for our help during political battles.
And when the battle is out,we are nothing in their sight.

We are really urchins.
But we hope for a better future

CoNnect Olamide

Official publisher:
CoNnect Media House

CoNnect Media House
All rights reserved.


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