Memoirs of an OAU female fresher by Folarin Ayomide

By Folarin Ayomide


Episode 1

It was a rude shock to my system when I entered the room allocated to me and saw the condition the room was in, I asked my cousin who came with me “why is this room like this na?”. She laughed at me and said “aw, you don’t know anything, this room will house 12 or more people”. Oh well, what could I do,, I stood in the middle of the room and thought “well, this is going to be fun”. I was allocated bed no 11 and I estimated where my space would be, I saw that my bunkie was already around, said hello and started unpacking with the help of my cousin who was consoling me and encouraging me that my stay in the hostel would be fun. After unpacking, she wanted to leave and go back to her house off campus, I volunteered to follow her since I wanted to know the lay of the land. As we were walking, she was showing me landmarks and telling me to take note so I’d not lose my way on the way back,inside me I knew I was going to get lost as the excitement could not lemme store any information. She boarded a bus at the bus stop and I started my journey back, trying very hard to remember all she told me to remember,, to cut the long story short, I got lost and as stalites were not fully in school, I could only ask directions from people who were novices like me and who were acting like they knew where they were going. I must have walked to PGLT before I finally found someone who knew the way and directed me, you are wondering why I did not board a bus or bike,œ, I left my wallet in the hostel.
Starting my long walk to freedom, I got to Amphi and got lost again,to worsen my situation, rain was falling and I was already shaking, I asked someone who was definitely a stalite and he misdirected me on purpose to Social sciences, in retrospect, the boy is probably an Awo boy doing aro for me (I remember your face and I’m coming for you)
Finally, a good Samaritan directed me back to Moz,,walking back in the rain, I was miserable and almost crying, I reached Moz entered my room jejely, removed my wet clothes, laid on my bed and covered myself up.
Have I mentioned that I got a bad bunk, I was on the upper bunk and the springs were falling apart, plus my bed was almost a mat,, the resultant effect of which was a sloping bed and I could feel every iron bar of the bunk, oh my gosh.
By this time, almost all my roomies were around, so I sat on my bed, ate and was pinging, upto this point I had not even entered the bathroom and toilet.. That’s another story all by itself

To be cont’d.

Folarin Ayomide is a part2 student of Obafemi Awolowo University, department of English language.

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