Memoirs of an OAU female fresher by Folarin Ayomide ep.2

By Folarin Ayomide


Episode 2.

I got up to check out the toilet & bathroom,, on entering, I cried out “Jesu, oko ijo o”, is this the place I’ll be visiting daily”?.Menh, I was depressed but I thought “ok, maybe it has not been washed”, but I knew it was beyond washing, it was a dirt that had accumulated over the decades,, it could never be clean in the real sense of the word. My saddest experience occurred in that bathroom, I’ll gist you later.
Ok,back to my room, I sat on my bed and said hello to the roomies, introduced myself and asked each of them to do the same. (well, I’m bossy). They complied and we started talking,, we talked and talked late into the night,as excitement could not let most of us sleep. We all agreed to wake up 4am so as to take our bathe right outside our room (mama Moz, we are sorry??).
I was the first to wake up at 4am,i woke the roomies and we all took our bath, dressed up and went out to queue for the hostel registration(yes, we had to queue as early as 4am).
After registration, orientation started at the great amphitheatre,, where we sang the Great Ife anthem at the top of our lungs, with pride filling our chest, and our head swelling like leftover puff-puff. Where various lecturers came and taught us various slogans e.g Greatest gbagba, greatest gbogbo, greatest pawon, greatest shiwon, of the greatest, of the greatest Ife Students,,,, and we would all shout, the whole 6,000 plus freshers “Great!!!”. After the first day, I never went to amphi for the orientation again, becos sitting on the concrete slab for hours did not appeal to me(not knowing I’d still have a 2hr class there weekly). Lemme not forget to mention the countless fellowships that wud come and ‘check on you’, all trying to get you to come to their church, some were actually very annoying but that which annoyed me more was various persons bringing their mouths to come and shout at the window or door “good morning sisters, it’s time for morning Devotion,” some would even go as far as opening the door and shouting in the room,, I mean common, I’m sleeping.
One day, a sister from a very spiri koko (very spiritual) fellowship entered my room at 5am “good morning sisters, wake up, wakeup, it’s time for morning Devotion, come and commit your ways into God’s hands”., As I open my eyes like this, I gave her the evil eye, and said ” mother-in-isreal, check the room number, don’t ever make the mistake of entering this room to shout,, abeg comot, and close the door after you”. My roomies that were awake said the way I talked to her was a bit harsh, I admit I felt bad after but only until this same sister came again to shout,, this time I didn’t say a word, I just gave her the evil eye, trying to be a good girl.

To be cont’d.

Folarin Ayomide is a part2 student of Obafemi Awolowo University, department of English language.

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