Memoirs of an OAU female fresher by Folarin Ayomide ep.3

By Folarin Ayomide


Episode 3

Then came various freshers’ party, the first and only one that I attended was Pol. Science freshers’ party. I had a roomie in that department, so half of the room went with her to the party which held at Pit theatre. Let me not bore you with the details, but the only reason I loved the party was because they served jollofrice and Fanta. After we got our rice, the roomies and I decided to leave as we knew it would soon be lights out. (at the freshers’ parties, the trend was that after doing normal stuff, they’d switch off the lights and start dancing and grabbing) and as we had no plans to dance and be grabbed ,we proceeded to the door,as we made to leave, some guys blocked our path and locked the door.
Lobatan, I looked around and thought fast, consulted with the roomies and we all moved towards the low walls of Pit theatre which were “jumpable”,, I told the girls “grab your rice and Fanta well o, we cannot go to all this trouble for nothing”, na so we jump the wall of pit theatre and went to our hostel o..
Did I intimate you of my department in all of my ramblings, no?, I’m an English student
I did not eventually go for my department’s fresher’s party, because I went to the variety night and I saw the nonsense Awo boys came to perform, saying all sorts of obscene and offensive words all under the guise of “comedy”. It was not funny to me at all, and I did not get the concept of Awo boys performing at events.
“I still don’t get the concept, Awo boys, your comedy depresses me, I mean you guys try too hard”.
I saw all these at the variety night and I knew there was more rubbish to come at the main party therefore I did not go.
Then lectures started, from 6:30 am classes to 2hr classes at Amphi, to having classes at venues on different ends of the school, menh, imagine having a class at 1000 SLT which ends at 10am and having another class at ChemEngine LT that starts by 10am,,, imagine the race (in this case, the race is for the swift) because if you are not swift, you don’t get a seat in class. ??(the multitude of Egl students).

To be contd.

Folarin Ayomide is a part2 student of Obafemi Awolowo University, department of English language.

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