Memoirs of an OAU female fresher by Folarin Ayomide ep.4

By Folarin Ayomide


Episode 4

Going out to read at night nko, when classes started, people started leaving the comfort of their bed and started going to academics i.e the area that housed the faculties, lecture rooms, library. The craze then was to carry your books and leave the hostel and you are a serious student,, not me, I did it for a few times and when I realized it didn’t work for me, I started doing my reading during the day. Although there were times when I did it by fire, by force because I didn’t cover all I needed to during day,, then I’d go out and I’d see all manner of people who supposedly came out to read. Some people will get there and immediately put their heads on the table and sleep off, they won’t wake up till they want to leave, when they go back to the hostel, their roommates would start shouting “Iwe, Iwe ogba” not knowing na sleep dem go sleep.
Seeing all this got me thinking, the things peer pressure push us to do, when you know something doesn’t work for you, but because you don’t want to be left out when your friends go out to read, you will carry your books and your sleep and just end up making a fool of yourself.
These are the different types of people you will meet when you go out at night to read.
1. THE JONAHS – They only came out to sleep because they didn’t want to stay in the room and be thought unserious. You will see them changing gear and adopting different styles of sleep,, and farting without a conscience.
2. THE WATCHERS -, They did not come to read but only came to see if others are reading or sleeping. So when they see you they will be like “hun, Iwe ogba, eyin jewe” or they would say “Igi Iwe, eso odo” (someone who reads all the time but is still an olodo)
THE TOASTERS :- These are the ones that come to hunt for boo and bae, you see them all dressed up as if they are going to a party, if they sit beside you, just stand up because you will not read anything.
THE PERVERTS :- yes, they exist. Thiz category consists of boys,, they come to press, yes press an innocent girl. They check for a girl that is sleeping, sit beside her and start touching her inappropriately. One such incident that happened to me, it was even during the day o, I just finished a class and decided to stay back and read, na so I just notice that the guy sitting behind me was acting weird. I felt something touching me but I thought twas his leg so I moved away hoping he’d get the hint, I felt him touching me again and i looked back but he quickly sat up, twas then I saw it was his hand that was touching me,, I for slap him blind but he ran off before I could shout, e pain me enh..
THE TALKERS -:, They actually came out to read o but once they see their friends, it is finished, all they do is talk, meaningless talk, and they talk all through the night, if you sit beside these people, you are in soup, you will never assimilate.
THE PREACHERS :- They come just to tell you that hellfire is real and if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend you are going to hellfire,, they come to preach when they are tired of reading and want to stretch themselves, they annoy every reader, but because nobody wants to be tagged “the enemy of God’ nobody will talk.
THE GUNLESS ROBBERS :- they come just to steal, the sleepers are the victims of these people,, once you sleep off, they carry your phone, laptop, lamp, wallet even your books. They will steal your phone and leave your charger for you.
THE EATERS :- from the time they enter, they will eat as if they wanto die,, they will buy Biscuit, buy risky burger, buy suya, buy Fanta, buy viju,, as if they are in kindergarten.. Awon onijekuje.

To be cont’d…

Folarin Ayomide is a part2 student of Obafemi Awolowo University, department of English language.

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