Memoirs of an OAU female fresher by Folarin Ayomide ep.6

By Folarin Ayomide


Episode 6

This particular day started on the wrong note, while I was trying to be a good girl and not bathe on the corridor, I went into the bathroom,lemme quickly describe to you this Moz bathroom, the walls are just sad, and the floor, especially early in the morning when it has not been washed, it is usually slippery and slimy,so you are at danger of falling. If you fall, just sit down there and start crying, apart from the overnight dirt, there is also the slime that has accumulated over the decades.
OK, this fateful day, after I finished bathing, as I stepped out gingerly, the slippers I had on is the one that has smooth under, no traction whatsoever,, I lost my footing and fell chest down. I was dazed and didn’t realize what had happened to me, for a few minutes I just sat there in the ooze, then I started thinking of who I offended that could have caused such a thing to happen to me,and then I blamed my ancestors for allowing such to happen to me.. Ok, moving on, I gently carried myself up, gingerly walked to my room and tearfully carried the last bucket of water that I had left (remember, there’s no water,, I had plans for that water menh), stood right outside on the corridor and scrubbed, exfoliated, almost scraped my epidermis offŸ˜ƒ. By the time I felt clean enough, I was late for my SER class. Ok,, the day was gradually qualifying as my worst day ever. Fast forward to evening, when the search for water began,, the representatives of the student body had come earlier with their P. A system, so we knew water wasn’t going to run anytime soon. The roomies and I moved to the lower area of Mozambique Hall, as we passed a water tank, it occurred to us that there was water in the tanks, it just wasn’t running.
So I thought “if we can open the cover of the tanks, then everybody can fetch water straight from the tank”. We got a keg, placed it beside the tank and I climbed up and sat on the storex,, “see plenty water here o, oya pass me the fetcher”,,. And the revolution began with me struggling to keep my balance on top of the tank (I almost fell inside menh). It became a really loud affair when girls started opening every storex that had water in it and then the “vultures” descended with their devices to take pictures and videos of this event,, I certainly didn’t want my face plastered online so I jejely jumped down from my perch, although not before fetching all the buckets in my room…. And I escaped to my room before the porters arrived…

To be cont’d

Folarin Ayomide is Part 2 student of Obafemi Awolowo University, English language department.

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