Memoirs of an OAU female fresher ep.9

By Folarin Ayomide


Episode 9

Types of people you will meet on campus. :-
The oversabis/I too know – : the way they talk enh, you will think they know everything. It is those who entered through P.D that do this. They act as if they already know lecture theatres, and because some lecturers taught them, they regale you with stories about the lecturer.
The Old Ones :- when you see them, you will think they are stalites,they even look like masters’ students . These are the likes of Ciroma Chukwuma Adekunle, they make reference to their age and tell you over and over, how many times they wrote waec and jamb.
The religious ones:- immediately they resume, they start preaching. They don’t talk to the ‘sinners’. If you are member of their church and they corner you, they be like “brother Samuel/Sis Grace, you did not come to church.” They are usually known as ‘pastor’, and their itinerary is thus, class-library-church-hostel. Dazall.
The beggars – : ehhh oo ,, these ones will beg for anything. They will beg for food, beg for your clothes, they can even beg for your gp.
The Fashionistas :- these people are always dressed to the nines. And I think,, so these people spend all their money on clothes? They are the ones who always tag fashion pages in their pictures.
The Non-academic students :- they are the runz girls, the party promoters, you will only see them when it’s time for tests and exams.
The Politicians :- they contest for class rep, hall rep, right from the start and you think “this one will do Hall rep in heaven o”.
The activists :- right from part 1,they get involved in student union activities,, most times they don’t even know what they are fighting for .They are the ones who get suspended . Awon Ken Saro Wiwa………….
A short story of my ose igberaga experience and the aftermath, IFE igbeyin.
First semester, first month, I was still well stocked, I had provision and money so therefore I never cooked. My breakfast was bread and egg/sardine, Indomie or cornflakes,,for lunch, I’d get food from eateries at SUB or when I really wanted to splurge, I’d go to Buka. On the average, I spent 1k daily on food. 😤😂😂.
Fastforward to the following months, my supply of food and money was dwindling, and I knew I had to start cooking. I brought out my brand new stove and started cooking seriously, plus the “Cook for me syndrome” did not help matters at all. Exams came and I had nothing left. Oh sorry, I had something left,, I had grounded pepper, I had salt, I had curry and thyme, I had onions,, but no money. Please tell me what I can do with this…
😂😂😂😂,, oh it was bad but thank God for communal cooking.
What is communal cooking? Communal cooking is when you all drop what you have, e.g those who had rice, those who had pepper, those who had onion,some dropped Maggi, some would drop their pot, some their cooking spoon, some water, some gas or kerosene, some would volunteer to peel the onions, some to wash the rice, some would volunteer to put salt and Maggi in the food,, all so they can eat. You join all these and it becomes a meal. This happens mostly when Ife igbeyin arrives..
Communal cooking, saving lives of Nigerian students since 1550.

To be cont’d.

Folarin Ayomide is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, English language department.

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