MBFO2016: Graphical illustration of the event

The Team Avalanche


Most Beautiful Fresher in OAU 2016


Organisers of Most Beautiful Fresher in OAU has dropped YET another mind blowing teaser graphics of what this year’s edition is going to look like- without dropping a statement.

But From what we can see in this graphics, going by the personalities in all three frames, it seems the organisers are on the look out for
TheBeautiful – Girls who can boast of their Facial and physiological endowments.
TheTalented – besides endowments, can sing or perform as an entertainer.
TheIntelligent – and intelligent enough to lend her voice to call a global attention.

If it is what I am thinking, then it means This particular Most Beautiful Fresher in OAU will be so unpredictably awesome.

It sounds like they are on their watch for 2face’s true African Queen, an epitome for feminism. Hmmm mm!

For media partnership or any kind of sponsorship and partnerships, contact event reps:

MC SLEEKY: 08076732586
JOSH: 07051459134



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