Tale of an OAU aspirant by Aderibigbe Olamide ep.1

By Aderibigbe Olamide


This piece of literature is written not to defame anyone,it is only fictitious,any resemblance is only coincidental.

This piece is written based on the intellect and normal thinking of a typical OAU aspirant.
Thanks as you read, enjoy…


Episode 1

Having left secondary school, and having a good grade in my SSCE was a great achievement for me. I’ve been a kind of boy that somehow hates studying and loves pleasure more than my studies.
I’ve had several girlfriends while I’m still in school, but now,I’m left to myself, by myself,I mean my thoughts, I now have to face the reality of life.
I’m faced with the problem of admission seeking,probably into the university.
But not only attending a university but a standard and foremost university.
I’ve always loved to be a student of obafemi awolowo university. Reason being that I’ve heard several things about this great citadel of learning,being the best in southwest and eventually the best in Nigeria,but the only problem I’m faced with is to study.
Studying my book was an herculean task for me.but I tried to find out myself and also check mate myself.
As the JAMB UTME was approaching, my dad enrolled me into a tutorial,which I started attending. But my only flaw is womanizing, the womanizer spirit in me would not leave me but to lure me into troubles, fortunately for me,I tried as much to look away and do away with issues pertaining girls.

I was attending the tutorial class and everything was moving on smoothly, not until a day,when a girl was admitted into the tutorial and this girl was a kind of angel on earth and my senior (womanizer spirit) tempted me to wooing the said lady,on getting to her,I told her my intent, hoping to hear something good from her,but to my utmost surprise this girl bursted into tears.
I was shocked like “Wetin be this”. This girl began to brain curses on me and even threatening that she will inform her mum and i will get arrested. The inner me was like ” get arrested?””untop Wetin”,”Ola u don enter am today”. Attention began to draw towards me and I became the topic sentence for the remainder of the week.

To be continued….


Olamide is a student of Literature, English department, Obafemi Awolowo University.

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