Your Laptop could be Poisonous.

By Obalakun Ayomide.IMG-20160530-WA0015

You see dat guy, he shouldn’t be smiling at all.

Well its not like I’m cursing him or something but he is doing something very dangerous to his life, & his future with what he is doing presently.

I doubt he knows what he is doing but if he knows & he is ignoring it then the witches in his village that either don’t want him with babies or want him with sickness must be gathering for a party to be soon celebrated already!

i just must shout
Why won’t i shout when the dangers of putting your Laptop on your Lap is grand

Yes It’s called a laptop but my friend let me tell you that name can mislead you.
One of the most irrational place to put your laptop is on your Lap, as your laptop becomes a silent poison to your body

You are still asking how after all my shout!!!
You want reasons abi.
Hen! i know you won’t believe unless you see signs.

Check this reasons out.

“Erythema ab igne,” i.eToasted Skin Syndrome

Even from the scientific name
“erythema ab igne,” of this disease you will know there is danger.
The heat that emanates from your laptop when been used, esp for heavy duties like gaming & multitasking are just not cool for the skin.
U see a continuous exposure to this heat can cause a condition scientifically known as “erythema ab igne,” but more commonly referred to as “toasted leg syndrome.” The affected area develops a blotchy pink or red rash.
Thank God that the affected area will heal over time when exposure is stopped but why the wait.

Fertility issue
I will call this one Baby Destruction syndrome because it affects what a guy needs to produce babies.
Yes the guy
You see the male scrotum has is designed for a level of heat. But you see when you place a laptop on your lap, the heat in the laptop directs to your scrotum area & increase adds to the heat there therefore making the normal temperature increase thereby reducing fertility.

Another thing is that placing laptops on your lap for use could cause Cancer over time.
Pls if you see that Guy in d picture, help me to beg him to remove that thing from his lap and if you have friends that are doing the same thing, pls tell them to stop immediately or better still point them here to read for themselves the dangers of what they do.
Prevention is Better than Cure!!!


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