Tale of an OAU Aspirant by Aderibigbe Olamide ep.2

By Aderibigbe Olamide


Episode 2


That gone. The exam was fast approaching,as my reading also got intense, I now lived a triangular life,I.e from my house to the tutorial, from tutorial to the library and from Library back home.

The UTME was now in a month’s time,as I’ve covered the whole syllabus for my four subjects, and I have the hope of scoring 200 and even above,as 200 is the cut-off mark for my university of choice (OAU).
The exam was now around and I became phobic of it,as the examination was a computer based test(CBT). News about the strictness of the exam and how a lot of people fail spread like a fire in the harmattan. But,I still believed in myself. The day of my exam came and the exam was done with,I saw my result almost after twelve hours after the exam,and to my utmost shock; I came out in a flying colour,now having the hope of proceeding to take the post-UTME of my dream school.
Now,expectancy mood activated. A lot of students began to anticipate the release of the form,but OAU NO gree release form.
OAU they said,is slow I’m academic activities, but to me,everything about OAU is damn slow. People began to get frustrated as they were no longer interested in reading and same as I am. If not for God,I would have purchased the form of a state university if the university had invited applicants from other schools,but the schools disappointed me.
The OAU POST-UTME arrived like a thief at night. Although, numerous aspirants has hanged their books and has gone to the labour market to do the normal hustling. We’ve envisaged and prepared that the exam will come up in may but the school management shattered our hope as the form wasn’t even out in June.
We only had two weeks to complete the registration for the exam and at the time the form was released, it the time I can call the “hard-time” but the God of provision provided for me. I paid for the form and the countdown to the D-day began. I have Two things in mind for the examination.
The first is to go into exam hall, write the exam,and smash the exam by having a good grade,while the attached motive is to get to campus and hunt for female aspirants that are naive to the campus system.

To be continued……

Olamide is a student of Literature, English department,
Obafemi Awolowo University.


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