A note to all parents

By Omotehinse Damola


Tobi was her name, she wanted to be a lawyer, she wanted to help Nigeria.Tobi was just six years old and in basic 2,her parent rarely had time for her, her dad was a civil servant, her mother, a business woman. They were too busy. At age six, tobi was introduced to a new way of life,by a neighbor. One tuesday afternoon, after school, tobi got home and met no one at home. Hungry tobi went to her neighbor, to see if he could get her something to eat,he promised to get her biscuit if she would come into the bedroom with him. Naïve, she went with him,that was how she lost her childhood, her virginity even before know what the word virgin is, Of course she got the biscuit,but she traded everything else for it. Sadly tobi couldn’t control this way of life, it went on and on and on, sadly tobi started losing her mind,mentally and emotionally, even her grades in school started dropping. A once bright student became dull and withdrawn, her parents? They are busy remember? They were too busy to look into the changes in tobi,they thought she was just becoming unserious. Sadly tobi struggled through life because she couldn’t find one person to relate with. Two out of ten nigerian child has a story similar to tobi’s story.Parents need to be more conscious and spend more time with their kids, after all you are working just for them, right? Let them come first then.
when a person is down emotionally, it affects every ramification of the person’s life. Its high time we started focusing more on our kids. SAY NO TO RAPE SAY NO TO SEXUAL ABUSE SIGNS THAT A CHILD IS BEEN ABUSED. 1)The child becomes withdrawn or aggresive. 2)The child might be scared or closer to a particular person. 3)child might act all grown up in a strange way. 4)unexplained sore in the child’s genital. 5) child might try to hurt him/her self.

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