By Makinde Oluwaferanmi

One of the things we should be doing as musicians is to keep growing to the top.

No shortcut to stardom. When using a ladder or a staircase, jumping a step is very hazardous as every step counts in the journey to the peak.

You only need to grow to the top by LEARNING PRECEPT UPON PRECEPTS, LINE UPON LINES.

So many musicians have leaped to the top after sometimes they fall down like a fruit that has rotten on the three.

Haven’t you take a look at some of Nigerian artistes who produced one album after that, their names fade away in the hall of fame. This happens because they leaped.

Don’t aim at the stardom without a trained and skillful mind.

To get to the top could be energy consuming, strenuous, mind exertion and stressful. But the struggle to the top can not be compare to the Knowledge and ability to maintain staying there.

The Top “may” be easy to reach sometimes but to fall down is the most easiest thing.

You will have amazing breakthrough only if you continue to grow in learning.

I’ve met so many singers and instrumentalist who cannot distinguish between major or minor keys. They fail to learn the rudimental or foundational lessons.

Let me give you why and how so many musicians get to the top and they remained there.

Taking into consideration so many biographies, I discovered that so many great musicians we see today pass through all important road to stupendous breakthrough. Most of them start from: Children choir to adult choir, or to the school choir, to boys and girls brigade band, to their community mass choir, later on backing up or working with already made musician, after that they could form a group and finally they come out as a Star. Don’t forget as they are journey to the top, they still have someone who is tutoring them privately.

Gold becomes Gold because it has passed through refine periods.

You don’t jump to be a 30years old person if you have not pass through age 1 to 29yrs.

Don’t rush, just keep growing, I wish you success as you settle down to grow to the top.

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