What every musicians ought to know about stage fright

By Makinde Oluwaferanmi


Moments before you walk on stage, you feel heart pounding in your chest, drowned in fear, suffocated in fright, your mind disturbed, cold hands, weak, or even shocked from the inside.

Stage fright is very common, even among professional musicians.
NOA KAGEYAMA, PH.D. says (unless you’re a robot,
zombie, or just don’t give a crap, you will
probably experience some degree of anxiety
every time you go on stage. ) simply because you know not what the outcome of the performance is going to be like. Stage fright often occur when you are in a performance, audition. When the performance is (guided; that is, not for mere entertainment.)
There is no one way magic in overcoming stage fright, but I would love to share with you one of the TIPS THAT HELPS IN OVERCOMING STAGE FRIGHT.

1.prepare well: as commonly said, using the 5ps poor preparation produce poor performance OR proper preparation prevent poor performance. No string attached, No shortcut. Obviously, if you’re not properly
prepared, you’re not going to have a good
performance, and this will make you much more
anxious. Make sure you practice properly and for
enough time, and make sure to take a little time
before the performance to mentally prepare
yourself (breathing exercises, meditation, a nap,
or just laying back with a favorite beverage), and
to warm up thoroughly (but don’t be tempted to
use the time for last-minute practice ).




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