Updates on the ongoing OAU workers’ demonstration

By Bewaji Emmanuel



Live from OAU, a literary genre (drama) as the non academic staff union of Obafemi Awolowo University carries the dramatic carton-made coffin of Prof.Bamitale Omole whose tenure ends today as the VC of the school while the workers protests the imposition of a new VC supposedly anointed by the previous administration which they believed has been unfavourable so far.

Also, in a discussion with key members of the non-academic staff union and some student activists on campus identified to be affiliated to the left organisations, it was made known that the National headquarters of NASU never issued any release nor did they receive any letter dissolving them as a branch of the union, it was described as part of the management’s effort to frustrate and collapse their movement and there, certain activists report an assault and physical attack on them whereby they were beaten and their public address system seized which they allege to have been perpetrated by the acting students union leadership while going round trying to announce to students not to vacate the school premises maintaining that students are not animals nor dummies to be pushed around, sent in and out at anytime with no concrete reason(s); they also attempted calling a congress of students claiming the CSO, acting head of the students union could not be reached positing the silence of the students union as criminal been connected to the SUTC allegedly set up by the school management with the knowledge of the SU leadership for the coming students union elections while there is immediate need for the congress of students to decide on the arising and pressing issues when asked the reason for not going through the body believed fit to call a congress which is the students union leadership.

Consequently, NASU OAU comrades and OAU student activists have advised that unity among these bodies is paramount at this time and that division should not be allowed in order to win the mutual fight against all forms of oppression and so it was gathered from inside the union that the position of the students union leadership is for students who wants to go home to do so and those who want to stay should but that they are working and will make sure that light is restored to the hostels and continuous availablilty of water supply.

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