Gopoethick2016: 3days to event; a quick chat with the main organizers

By Bewaji Emmanuel, Oloworekende Adewale and Adeniyi Eniola

Come grace the halls of speech with your listening presence! Its GoPoethick2016
To get a special booking, reservation, to order for our t-shirts, or to get a stand at our art and book showcase, you can reach us on:
08062812444 and
Follow event on twitter and Instagram @gopoethick @cnmediah
…for the love of arts…

In an Official interview with the main organisers of Gopoethick for Gopoethick2016:

Warm welcome and pleasantry takes the premier position. Present were Adigun Abdullah, Director of Operations, Gopoethick2016 and Ogunkoya Samuel Dabar, Director of Publicity, Gopoethick2016 while the founder, Adewale Victor could not make the session but sent his regrets and was duely represented.

Adigun Abdullah took the forefront in response to our first inquiry:

  • What is Gopoethick about and what’s it set to achieve ?

He clarifies:

” It is a poetry music and arts festival that as birthed in the confines of Obafemi Awoow University, it is a brainchild of undergraduate Adewale Victor “Veekthur” who is a writer and poet and who having noticed that there is a misconception of the poetry world as a boring enterprise and also an enterprise not fit to rub shoulders with other sources of relaxation like parties, felt it right to correct the impression and in so doing lift the Poethick credentials to the upper echelons of the Obafemi Awolowo University community as well as the outside world.

  • Tell us a little about these misconceptions and the probable solution planned or being planned

” For one Sir, people tend to think that poetry is something to be restricted to books barely comprehendible by renowned authors like Shakespeare, GoPoethick is creating a platform for correcting the impression by creating a platform where poetry as well as music and the fine arts can stand a hand in hand and show the world what they really entail.

The director of publicity, Dabar also added:
” The misconception of poetry as a ‘boring activity’.. Relegated to long verses, dusty books and lines that have lost touch with our modern day reality. We are not coming for a “revolution” but a “revelation” or unveiling of the beauty of poetry and art for ALL to see. (One thing or the other has definitely been learnt from the views, we approved.)

Subsequently, Dabar continued in reply, treating points gathered by our correspondents on the earlier and very first Gopoethick event and how they plan on making Gopoethick2016 remarkably better than the last:

He commented:
” It was our first time but we have learnt a couple and grown in wisdom. Things are been put in place to give a smooth running this time around. And I promise you all will be thrilled.

Also reacting to the inquiry on funding the event being mostly a student environment and event, he commented:
” Majorly, we have been running on our personal cash. But thank God we have been able to achieve quite a lot. Appreciation to those who have supported us in cash and kind. It’s been helpful.

Just as the 40mins interview session draws to an end, the director of publicity for Gopoethick2016 again clarifies the inquiry from one of our interviewers:

My last question Sirs… do you feel a need to go beyond being primarily an OAU based event or not?

He answered:

” Primarily?? Yes, “Secondarily”?? That is BEING achieved.

💡” As we round off this brief session to treat cogents of one of the most sought after event right now in Obafemi Awolowo University– Gopoethick, what would you like to leave the public with? (direct quote).

He stated:
“We at GoPoethick are on our way of creating a big echo in the history of OAU, of the sounds of beautiful poetry, music and unique voice of art. Its gonna be an amazing ART-mosphere.

Rapping up:

Chief interviewer, CN for Gopoethick2016:
While we await the historic event fast approaching, do have a goodnight everyone and we’re all welcome once again

Thank you all for coming.

Gopoethick Reps.
Thank you for having us.

CoNnect Media House


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