Politics in my school; OAU

By Adejumor Kabir

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Do we really have politician in this citadel of learning?

The Yorubas call politics ‘0shelu’ and politicians ‘Oloshelu’ but are these people really who they are meant to be?

Corruption is not about political party governing the country but about those in power, why should students be clamouring for SUTC if not for the purpose of their pockets, why will Professor Tale Omole impose Professor Ayo on OAU if not to cover his atrocities, why will Prof Ayo Salami, a member of the council made himself the VC if not to continue from where his master stopped?

I see Federalism too expensive for Nigeria to run, why? Because everybody that contributes to any campaign always expect an appointment after the election, I would have prefer what I refer to as Semi-Presidential system of Government practice in France.

Politics is like a game of football where the spectators enjoy the game more than those who are playing.

After making research, I discovered that 80% of the Politicians here in OAU are into politics because they want recognition and political power, another 10% wants to be appointed while last 10% are the real “Oloshelu” who want the development of our dear OAU

The first two sets mentioned above see political campaign as an investment and the position as a way of reaping the money used for campaign which is very wrong and this has cause more harm than good the development of our dear institution, OAU.

I will leave you with a quote of America sixteenth President, Abraham Lincoln which goes thus “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”.

The Federal Government of Nigeria should probe looters, probe Professor Tale Omole administration.

The Federal Government of Nigeria should not politicize the position of OAU Acting VC.


ADEJUMO KABIR writes from Awo Hall, one of the decay infrastructures in my Varsity.


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