Munich Shooting Witness Thought ‘This Is It’ as He Comforted Dying Boy

By Okeleye Timilehin
Witnesses to a shooting spree in Munich, Germany, that killed nine people recalled harrowing scenes of terror and panic Saturday as a memorial grew outside the shopping center where the attack took place the day before.Huseyin Bayri, 29, who was at the Olympia Einkaufszentrumwhen an 18-year-old gunman opened fire Fridayevening, told reporters that he held a teenager who was shot and comfortedhim as the victim succumbed to his wounds. All the while, Bayri was thinking he would be next as the shooter came closer.”I saw the boy beside me — I didn’t know him but I took him straight to myheart — had fallen down,” Bayri said. The boy was shot three times, he said.I tried to keep his wounds shut while the attacker was still shooting. The shots were getting closer. And I thought to myself: ‘This is it. Now you’re next, Huseyin,'” Bayri said.

CoNnect Media House


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