An open letter to OAU acting Vice Chancellor

By Anonymous

prof. elujoba

In early 2011, the then VC increased the acceptance fee for freshmen to #20,000 and there was riots, leading to the closure of the school for four months.
In 2014, school fees for freshmen was increased by an astronomical percentage of over 75%, and the SUG protested, leading to another closure of several months.
Hmmmmmm… Where are we heading to exactly?

Dear Professor Anthony Elujoba
It is with a mixture of feelings that I write you this letter sir, as I have been eagerly awaiting your emergence as our Vice Chancellor, so as to pour out my feelings to you in black and white.
Today, 29/07/2016 makes it exactly 120 day since I wrote my last paper in last session.
It’s been a long time since students of OAU came together to achieve a set aim and goal in the right direction, and the recent closure of the school saw us achieve this feat with the ‪#‎ReopenOAU‬ campaign on Social Media.
A great kudos goes to the masterminds of the campaign, ACJ OAU and all great Ife Students.
My purpose of putting forth this piece to you sir is to plead with you to help us restore the lost pride and glory of OAU in your short 6 month stint as VC. Give us reasons to boast to our colleagues in other universities, and make us proud of the Ife that was once really great in all of its ramifications.
Our power supply needs an overhaul, as over the years there has been a steady decline in the supply of power in and around the University campus, which should not be so.
As a first generation, first class University, there should be ample provision of Internet access both for staff and students alike. There should be a minimal quota allocated to each student, such that we have easy access to the latest information about our disciplines, access to online research, and ease of access to the world “ONLINE”.
Our halls of residence have been in a total bismal state for as long as I can remember, and continue to worsen every day. So far, several increments on our school fees hasn’t reflected in any area useful to us as individual students. Lecture theatres are inadequate, we still struggle to keep space in our lecture theatres, our lecturers still fight and argue over who’s to use what venue at what time, with the more senior lecturer winning the argument most times.
Sir, six months is a pretty small space of time, but if well managed, it’s enough to make a mark worth more than five years in office.
I look forward to our resumption, as well as to meeting you in person during the meeting with the students body.

Yours truly,
One Generous Observer (O.G.O)
(an anonymous pen)

(c) 2016


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