Nigerian army, Navy, Airforce attack Niger delta millitant camps, claims agreement with government

By Bewaji Emmanuel

fighter jet

A recent attack which was launched by the Nigerian army, air force and navy on the Niger delta millitant camps in Lagos and Ogun. The joint operation had left over a hundred suspected militants dead and several others injured. Operation ‘crocodile laugh’ as reported tagged under by Naij was commenced on July 28. While some residents of Arepo area in Ogun state and area of attack in lagos ran to safety due to the earth-shaking effect of the missiles bombarded on the Niger delta militant ‘creeks’ in full scale air attack, a witness source reported that the attack on Saturday July 30 was more intense. Another source advised military to continue attack as militants may regroup and cause greater disaster if given breathing space.

Subsequently, MEND has claimed that it had reached a peace agreement with the Nigerian federal government and as part of the deal, Nnamdi Kanu and other imprisoned activists of the movement may be freed if the attacks stopped. The Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan-Alli, has however added that government cannot rule out the use of force in dealing with militants.

Credit: Naij

(c) 2016


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