Advantages and Disadvantages of being Clean.

Written by
Obalakun Ayomide
CN health Reporter

Cleanliness is a virtue that is appreciated by the majority of people around the world & dirtiness a habit that is not applaudable across the world (except among the insane people who roam the streets.)
A saying however goes that there is nothing positive Without a negative side, & this saying is true even for something as good as Cleanliness. An example is a friend’s experience where he gave a notorious mad man, who just took his bath in a river & stole the clothes of someone beside it, a lift in his car because he looked clean. He did it because the man promised to show him the directions of the area he was because he lost his way but It was when the man started using his hands to cover his face after giving him a series of wrong direction that he carefully parked and ran out of the car with his keys because he thought the man was a kidnapper when he alerted people who now told him the man was a well known mad clothed man (were alaso (a well clothed mad manor say were to man ji aso (a mad man that took intrest in stealing  other people’s  cloths) as the yorubas would call it.
I hopevtherefore you’d agree with me that deception is not good & so it is a major disadvantage of cleanliness as seen from my friends story…smile.

But are there scientific disadvantages as there are advantages ?

Let check out the advantages Before we move on to the disadvantages (so that we won’t be accused of focusing on the bad side).

The Advantages

Destruction of Germs:
Allow me to quote another proverb, now in my native language that say
‘imototo lo le segun arun gbogbo’ i.e Only cleanliness can cure all sickness. This is true because not being Clean i.e Dirtiness causes germs to hang around, Germs cause illness & so illness can be averted by being Clean.

Mental health
Cleanliness helps you maintain good mental health & sound mind as Studies show that people living in dirty environments get unnecessarily anxious and stressed.

Social Factor
people associate beter in a clean environment or with a clean person than other, as Dirtiness usually put people off.

The disadvantages
Apart from Confusing an insane man for a sane man like what happened to my friend, other disadvantages i could get my hands on are:
Weakning of the Immune system.

Allergies due to some chemicals in the soaps & detergents used in Washing
The immune system gets affected in case of OVER CLEANLINESS, which makes the body immune system weak. being not used to basic wars it should fight with germs.
This could be bad for a Change of environment.


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