OAU bats;the true story pt1

There are many things you notice the moment you walk into Obafemi Awolowo university,the size,the greenery,the magnificent architectural edifices.But none can compare in popularity to the revered creatures that rule the air… THE BATS.

Very large in size and numbers they cover the sky allover the Campus,causing dread to the uninitiated on the campus, and bringing pleasure to the initiated. They have brought nothing but elegance to the campus.

According to history, they didn’t come immediately the university was founded. It took time and apparently the ecology of this place suits their temperament. And that is why you see them here, even when there have been attempts to drive them away. And this is not the only sight or forest where you can see the bats in their millions,”

Though,they could spread diseases,the existence between the humans of the university and the bats has never gone sore, that’s why the university has never taken any serious measure to chase them.

 The bats have occasionally been killed by commissioned hunters for revenue,and of course for their delicious meat.

  • Watch out for part two of the story, where I explain the spirituality of the bats.. Drop your comments on what you want me to write on next



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